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Olson, Juntunen and Sandberg LTD can help you obtain all the  compensation, legal rights, and advantages that you deserve

under the law.


Let us support you during your legal process with valuable aid, no matter where you are in the legal process.

Olson, Juntunen and Sandberg LTD have ever since been assisting you legally in Grand Forks and the Red River Valley communities. Get the attention your case deserves with our compassionate, experienced  and competent counsel.

From civil, criminal, family and divorce law to personal injury and IRS representation, we've got you covered. Our general practice delivers legal representation at the trial and appellate levels in North Dakota, Minnesota, and

federal courts.

You can trust our experienced and trusted attorneys in all areas of legal resolution. Our attorneys include Richard W. Olson, Michael E. Juntunen, Theodore T. Sandberg, Zachary Boettner and Laura D. Cobb. Each lawyer practices specific focus areas.

Benefit from our FREE initial consultations to discuss your legal queries. You can schedule your appointments flexibly. Call Olson, Juntunen and Sandberg LTD at 701-775-4688 for experienced and professional legal assistance.

Call 701-775-4688 for FREE initial 30 minute consultations from our experienced lawyers.

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Depend on Olson, Juntunen & Sandberg LTD to address your legal concerns with experience. From Veterans benefits, agriculture, livestock, criminal, family & divorce law, we can represent you.


Discuss your concerns with our professional lawyers to find legal resolutions that can help you get back to routine quickly. No matter how severe or simple the legal matter is, we consider all your cases seriously. The firm engages in a general practice with each lawyer focusing in specific areas of the law.


Our law firm understands various legal concerns from differing perspectives to deliver effective outcomes. Count on our decades of experience to make the difference and know your rights. Take advantage of our services throughout the North Dakota and western Minnesota areas.